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    About Us

    Our Equipment

    We use the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, the newest release from the industry leader in drones.  The Mavic 2 Zoom features a 24-48 mm Optical Zoom Camera and shoots Full 4k HD video.  You will be impressed with the quality of super resolution photos and the dynamic videos created with this drone.  

    Our Photographers

    Our photographers are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Association as Remote Pilots for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).   You can rest assured that a licensed, insured professional will exceed your expectations.    

    For special events, real estate marketing, disaster assessments, recovery monitoring, and everything in between, our team of professionals is ready to assist.  

    Why Us?

    We take drone flying very seriously.  Safety is our top priority.  

    Our pilots have been tested on all applicable rules and regulations as part of the FAA's Small UAS Rule (14 CFR Part 107).    Additionally,  certified pilots must undergo rigorous TSA security screening.   We are true professionals.

    Contact us for an onsite consultation and a no obligation quote.   We have flexible packages for an array of services.   

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    We do our own editing with videos and photos.  Showcase your property, special occasion, or other event where a simple photo will just not do.  Contact us for a free quote today!  

    Special considerations

    FAA Rules and Regulations

    The airspace over the US is highly regulated by the FAA.  Our pilots must comply with these rules and regulations.  Some things you might consider:

    • We can only fly from sunrise to sunset; no night flights.
    • We cannot fly directly over people or moving vehicles.  
    • We must research the exact location to ensure that we are flying in legal airspace.  If the site is within 5 miles of a towered airport or near a restricted area odds are that we will not be able to fly.   A waiver from the FAA takes a minimum of 90 days to process and we have no control over the decision.  
    • Drones do not like flying in rainy or windy conditions.
    • There are a host of things to consider but our professionals are trained to assist you.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.  

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    what's included

    Whatever package you choose, your drone service will include the following:

    Safety and compliance inspection

    Permissions and notifications

    skywatch Liability Insurance

    Additional Named Insured (if required)

    Images and/or Video, normally delivered within 72 hours

    Local travel to/from the site (within 50 miles of Brooksville, FL)

    Serving Homosassa & Crystal River area

    Island property?  Please contact us for special pricing for boat travel to showcase your unique listing!

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    Prices and products may be negotiable based on your unique project.

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